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Steamed Soft Cheese Cake
45 minutes
2 cakes

Steamed Soft Cheese Cake

Simple Steamed Soft Cheese Cake Idea, Without Oven!

Soft cheese cake is a timeless cake amongst dessert lovers around the world. The soft cheesy cake makes it one of the most favorite desserts . Especially ones made with Prochiz Spready as the main ingredient, the delicious taste is guaranteed.

Did Prochiz Lovers know that this cake even has its own special day! Every July 30th, Cheesecake National Day  is celebrated by many pastry shops around the world. If Prochiz Lovers love this  cake, then Prochiz Lovers can also celebrate at home by making your own soft cheese cake. To make the cheese cake more delicious, don’t forget to use Prochiz Spready as the main ingredient!

Anti-Fail Tips for Making Steamed Soft Cheese Cake

Making steamed soft cheese cake is not that difficult! It can be done without an oven, we only need to steam the cake, as the name suggests. Prochiz Lovers can enjoy how soft this cake really is. 

Although it looks easy and practical, making soft cheese cake requires accuracy in the ingredients used. In addition, the main ingredient used should be this nutritious Prochiz cheese. 

Well, Prochiz Lovers can use Prochiz Spready which is rich in protein. We assure you that the cake is nutritious and healthy for your body, Prochiz Lovers. Making this steamed  soft cheese cake does not require a lot of ingredients, especially if Prochiz Lovers rely on Prochiz Spready. Making this cake will be more practical and tastes even more delicious. 

Prochiz Lovers also should know that Prochiz Spready contains vitamins and minerals that are high in calcium. Calcium is useful to fulfil the daily needs of phosphorus for the body. Additionally, Prochiz Spready also contains vitamins A, B2, and B12 which are good for maintaining healthy eyes as well as bones and skin tissue.

So, Prochiz Lovers should try Prochiz Spready to enhance flavor of your cheesecake, and it also benefits your body.

Other than steamed soft cheese cake, Prochiz Spready from Prochiz can be used in various choices and types of  Prochiz Lovers’ favorite cakes and it can be made quickly and will taste so good. The excellent quality of this cheese as well as its nutrition will enhance the flavor of your cake

Prochiz Spready is delicious and cheesy, it will make Prochiz Lovers addicted. Oh yes, Prochiz Spready can also be used as topping for bread, cookies, pancakes and many other types of foods! Just spread, and done!

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2 cakes


  • 4 Eggs
  • 250 gr Sugar
  • 10 gr SP (Baking Mix)
  • 3 egg yolks
  • 230 gr All-purpose flour
  • ¼ tsp Salt
  • 175 ml Fresh milk
  • 155 gr Prochiz spready
  • 100 gr Butter


  • Mix together milk, Prochiz spready, and butter in a stainless bowl, over low heat while stirring until the ingredients are well mixed, set aside.
  • Beat eggs, sugar, sp, and egg yolks until fluffy and stiff.
  • Then add in the flour and salt. Mix well.
  • Add Prochiz Spready, mix the batter, stir until evenly mixed.
  • Prepare a 20x20 cm baking sheet that has been covered with baking paper on the bottom and sides, pour in the batter into the baking sheet.
  • Steam in a preheated steamer over high heat, approximately 25 minutes.
  • Once cooked, remove the steamed cheese cake and serve.
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