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Baked Milk Cheese
1 hour
5 portions

Baked Milk Cheese

Delicious and Healthy Snack Ideas for Families

It doesn’t feel right when we have family gathering without having any of snacks. With snacks, of course, family gathering will be much more exciting and fun. No need to worry about what snacks are delicious and suitable for all family members. Baked Milk Cheese can be one of the snack that we can enjoy together.

Baked Milk is one of the snacks originated in Russia. This milk snack has is soft in texture and is very popular. Especially if you add cheese inside it, of course, it will be addictive and you can’t stop “chewing“. Have Prochiz Lovers ever tried it?

Baked Milk Cheese Recipe, Delicious and Healthy Snacks

Good snacks does not always have to be pricey. Even Baked Milk Cheese can be made by Prochiz Lovers at home at an affordable cost.  In addition to having a delicious taste, this snack is certainly highly nutritious because it contains cheese. Cheese is one of the healthy foods that contains protein, calcium, vitamins A, D, E, magnesium, etc. 

Did Prochiz Lovers know that cheese was first made around 8000 BC (Before Christ)? Which is why cheese is one of the oldest foods in the world. To the extent that there is a special day to celebrate World Cheese Day, which is every 4th of June.

3 Perfect Moments to Serve Baked Milk Cheese

Baked Milk Cheese can not only be enjoyed during family gatherings, they can also be served in other exciting moments. Its soft texture with delicious cheese flavor is perfect for everyone to enjoy. Here are some suitable moments to serve delicious and nutritious Baked Milk Cheese:

  1. Quality Time between Father and Son
    After dads are busy working on weekdays,  the weekend is the  most appropriate bonding moment  for fathers and their children. Fathers and children can do various exciting activities at home, such as watching movies, gardening, cycling, washing cars, and much more. Don’t forget to serve delicious and nutritious snacks in between  their quality time! 
  2. When Guests Come for a Visit
    This delicious snack can also be served as a treat for guests who come to the house. These delicious snacks will certainly make guests wonder where they can buy this snack. In fact, you can make this simple and delicious snack by yourselves at home.
  3. School Snack for the Little One
    Not only does it taste delicious, this snack is also rich in nutrients that are suitable to be used as snacks for  your little one. The reason is, this snack contains Prochiz Cheddar Royale which contains more milk, is high in calcium, and contains vitamins A, D, and E. Milk content in Prochiz cheese is also made from high quality New Zealand milk.

In addition, Prochiz cheese is also easy to grate, holds its shape and does not burn easily when baked. Prochiz Cheddar Royale has a dense and soft texture. Suitable as a topping  for  this delicious and healthy snack. With cheese added in this snack, it tastes even more delicious, savory, and milky. Kids will love it!

Besides being used as a topping, this cheese is also suitable for use as a filling or food mixture. Whether it’s grated, cut into sticks, or cubed, they all taste as delicious. Oh one more thing, this Prochiz Cheddar Royale is available in packs of 160 gr. 

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5 portions


  • 500 gr Milk
  • 35 gr Sugar
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 50 gr Prochiz Cheddar Royale
  • 50 g Corn Starch


  • Combine milk, sugar, egg yolks, Prochiz Cheddar Royale and cornstarch, then cook until thickened, then put in a baking dish.
  • Store the dough in the refrigerator, then cut and arrange in a baking dish, sprinkle top with Prochiz Cheddar Royale.
  • Bake at 180°C, for 15 minutes. Remove and serve.
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