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Cheesy Souffle Omelette A La Prochiz
30 minutes
1-2 Person
Resep Omelette Keju Soufle A La Prochiz

Cheesy Souffle Omelette A La Prochiz


Prochiz Lovers must be familiar with the term “morning routine”. What exactly is a morning routine? Morning routine or morning habit is a series of activities that are consistently carried out in the morning and are able to make Prochiz Lovers feel excited in carrying out daily activities. When we manage to do a small thing at the beginning of the day, it gives us a sense of achievement that, although it looks small, gives a domino effect on the way we face challenges to be more enthusiastic and positive throughout the day.

It is undeniable, that the morning can be the most complicated and busiest time; the pressed time to prepare children for school, dressing up to go to the office, or preparing meeting materials for important meetings. Even though there are many articles, podcasts, and books that discuss morning routine tips and tricks, applying them to our morning routine is certainly not an easy matter.

Well, Prochiz would like to share tips for starting a realistic and applicable morning routine for Prochiz Lovers:

  1. Build a morning routine that is “so me!”
    Everyone’s morning routine must be different. Some people have started the day since 5 am, and some are comfortable starting at 8 am.  There is no right and wrong morning habits, as long as it makes Prochiz Lovers happy and excited in doing so.
  2. Prepare everything the night before
    Prochiz Lovers must have had the intention of starting the morning routine from the night before. Preparations can start a little even at night. For example, if you have the intention to exercise when you wake up, Prochiz Lovers can prepare clothes and fill a drinking bottle from the night before.
  3. Exercise
    It doesn’t have to be a tough exercise, light activities such as walking that makes you sweat is good enough. It can release endorphin hormones that can trigger positive feelings.  This can improve your mood which make you feel happier and become more productive during the day.
  4. Journaling
    By making a to-do-list, Prochiz Lovers have organized activities so that no time is wasted or no work is forgotten.
  5. Breakfast and drinking water
    A nutritious breakfast menu with the right portions and a glass of water gives Prochiz Lovers the energy needed to start the day.

A simple but also healthy breakfast menu is certainly very important. To support Prochiz Lovers who want to start a morning routine, Prochiz also wants to share this recipe that can certainly be a comfort food choice for Prochiz Lovers for a morning routine. Good luck!

1-2 Person


  • 2 Eggs
  • 1/2 tsp Garlic Powder
  • 2 slices Prochiz Quick Melt Slice
  • 10 gr Prochiz Cheddar Royale
  • 50 gr Champignon Mushrooms
  • 1 tbsp Butter
  • 50 gr Prochiz Cheddar Royale
  • Pepper to taste
  • Salt to taste
  • Powder chicken stock to taste


  • Chop and sauté the mushrooms until cooked, then season with pepper, salt and powder chicken stock to taste.
  • Separate the yolk from the egg white in different containers. Mix the egg yolks with powder chicken stock, ground pepper and garlic powder, stirring until mixed evenly.
  • In a different container, beat the egg whites until they are fluffy and stiff, then mix the seasoned egg yolks with the egg whites, folding gently until the eggs are mixed evenly.
  • Heat the butter in a non-stick pan, then put the egg mixture into the pan, cook over low heat, cover the pan.
  • Once the egg is half cooked or the top is no longer wet, add Prochiz Quick Melt Slice and the sautéed mushrooms on top, then fold the egg to a quarter of the piece. Lift the omelette and sprinkle some grated Prochiz Cheddar Royale on top.
  • Serve while still warm.
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