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Sandwich Cheese Roll
30 minutes
6 rolls

Sandwich Cheese Roll

Nutritious and Simple Lunch Ideas With Cheese Roll Sandwiches

Preparing school lunch for children to go to school sometimes cannot take long and must be completed immediately. Sandwich Cheese Roll can be one of the simple and easy-to-make lunch menu choices.

In addition, this lunch menu is also good and healthy . The reason is, cheese is high in protein and rich in fiber which is good for digestion. If you are curious about how to make a cheese roll sandwich, you should check out how to make it here until it’s finished.

Making Sandwich Cheese Roll

Making lunch for children, it must not only be tasty but also healthy. Like the Cheese Roll Sandwich that includes bread and cheese which is sure to be delicious and healthy.

This meal is meet the daily nutrition for kids very well. Thanks to Prochiz cheese as its main ingredient which is rich in protein and fiber, which is very good for helping growth, especially in children.

It turns out that there is a history behind the invention of sandwiches!

A Brief History in the Invention of sandwiches

For the first time, the vegetable and meat sandwich dish was introduced by an aristocrat from England with the title Earl of Sandwich the Fourth, named John Montagu.

Initially, this sandwich was served as a hunger-fighting food when John was focused in playing cards so he can uphold his concentration. It is known that John himself was very fond of card games at that time. Finally, the cook made this quick bread dish.  

Sandwiches were getting very popular. In 1789 when England was led by King George III. As a result, sandwiches were patented as snacks that are not only consumed by aristocrats. But it is also widely consumed by busy workers.

That’s a brief history, and now sandwiches are getting more and more popular with other ingredients added in it such as cheese, eggs, fruit, and other ingredients to taste. Well, this time we will introduce how to make  an easy Cheese Roll Sandwich. If children are getting bored with fried rice and noodles, this sandwich can be the solution. It is tender and savory, it is loved by children. 

To make it more appetizing for children, you should choose your children’s favorite plain bread and Prochiz Cheddar Slice cheese. Cheese from Prochiz tastes delicious, of course, is also nutritious. So when will Prochiz Lovers make this breakfast menu for your loved ones?

Advantages of Prochiz Slice for Cheese Sandwiches and Other Foods

Prochiz Cheddar Slice is soft with a milky taste  and is delicious to have with all kinds of food. It can even to be eaten alone as a snack and still taste delicious. 

Prochiz Cheddar Slice  can be used in not only for burgers or sandwiches, but also as a topping for other foods such as macaroni schotel, baked eggplant, creamy mushroom soup and others. Prochiz Lovers can customize the menu to add Prochiz Cheddar Slices in any dish.

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6 rolls


  • 6 Prochiz Cheddar Slice
  • 6 plain bread
  • 3 Smoked beef
  • 3 Thin omelet
  • 2 Eggs
  • 100 gr Chili Sauce
  • 50 gr Margarine


  • Flatten the plain bread using a rolling pin.
  • Spread some chili sauce on the plain bread, put Prochiz Cheddar Slice on it.
  • Cut the smoked beef and omelet into 2 semicircular halves.
  • Roll up the smoked beef and omelette, then place it on top of the Prochiz Cheddar Slice.
  • Roll the plain bread until it forms a sandwich roll, and cover the sandwich roll into the egg mixture.
  • Put margarine on the pan, lightly cook the sandwich roll until lightly browned and the eggs are cooked.
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