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Unique Cheese Sensation in Mozzarella Stick Snacks!
20 minutes
10-12 pcs

Unique Cheese Sensation in Mozzarella Stick Snacks!

Considering that outside snacks are not entirely healthy and hygienic, giving homemade snacks to your little one and family is the right decision. What’s more, now there are lots of snack recipes that are healthy, delicious, and easy to make. One of them is Mozzarella Stick.

Mozzarella Stick is a snack that uses mozzarella cheese as its basic ingredient. The delicious taste of mozzarella cheese that melts when bitten makes it very popular with all people, especially children. Get ready to be addicted to the delicacy of this one snack, huh!

Unique Mozzarella Stick Facts

Mozzarella cheese can be enjoyed as a topping or filling for a variety of dishes. Usually, the way to process it is by baking or steaming. However, have Prochiz Lovers ever felt the sensation of mozzarella cheese in the form of sticks fried with crispy breadcrumbs?

If not, then Prochiz Lovers must try to make it at home. Prochiz Lovers can also get your little ones involved in the manufacturing process. Of course, this cooking activity for your little one will make him happy and useful to fill his free time.

Don’t forget to use quality Prochiz Mozzarella to make this snack. Prochiz Mozzarella is one of the cheese products from Prochiz which has a soft and dense texture, melts easily, and is Melare Pool! by using the right product. Of course, this will make the Mozzarella Stick taste even more savory and delicious.

Behind its delicious taste, did Prochiz Lovers know that mozzarella cheese was first made from buffalo milk? In the past, farmers in Italy thought that the nutritional content of buffalo milk was higher than cow’s milk. In addition, buffalo milk is also considered to be able to produce more mozzarella cheese.

Over time, mozzarella cheese began to be made from cow’s milk until recently. Besides being beneficial for bones, mozzarella cheese made from cow’s milk is also easily digested by the body. The content of peptones and amino acids in this cheese can prevent excess stomach acid from rising.

See for yourself how delicious Mozzarella Sticks are by following the recipe below. Whatever the type of food, make sure Prochiz Lovers always use Prochiz Mozzarella for a more delicious taste. Prochiz Mozzarella, Melare Pool!

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10-12 pcs


  • 160 gr Prochiz Mozzarella
  • 100 gr Instant Seasoned Flour
  • 100 ml of Water
  • 100 gr Bread Crumb
  • Enough Oil for Frying


  • Cut the Prochiz Mozzarella lengthwise.
  • Dip the chopped Prochiz Mozzarella into the water in a bowl, then roll it into the seasoned flour.
  • Then dip it back in the water, then roll it in the breadcrumbs.
  • Repeat the above steps until finished.
  • Heat the cooking oil, then fry the Mozzarella Sticks over medium heat.
  • Fry until golden brown, remove and drain.
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