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The Key to Perfect Cookie Recipes

The Key to Perfect Cookie Recipes

Baking is not exclusive to pastry maker or bakers. Now everyone can bake at home. Especially baking cookies. Nowadays, finding cookie recipes in the internet is as easy as falling of a log. You can make cookies to fill your spare time or as a hobby.

Even so, baking cookies is not always easy. Merely copying cookie recipes can sometime feels unsatisfying. Your cookies may not turn out as you imagined it when reading the recipe as there are many things that need to be carefully observed in making cookies.


For starters, it is advisable to prepare the tools that are suitable to your needs and the cookie recipe that you choose. In making cookies, always remember to use cookie sheet with shallow outer rims. This type of cookie sheet is specially designed to bake cookies.


After acquiring the right tools, pay attention to the ingredients used. The main ingredient of any cookie is flour. So, always remember to use good quality low-protein flour. Low-protein flour will result in crunchier cookies with the right texture, because low-protein flour has low gluten protein content, unlike medium and high-protein flour. This information is not generally stated in cookie recipes, although it is very useful to know.


After acquiring the right ingredients, follow the directions in the cookie recipe you’ve chosen. Use scale to have the right measurement. Always sift dry ingredients such as flour and baking powder, to ensure the dough comes out even and soft. In making the dough, always mix in the ingredients slowly. Do not add all the ingredients at one time, as you will end up with hard dough.


After all dry ingredients are in, stir the dough using a spoon or spatula. Do not use a mixer, as the protein content in the flour will change into gluten, resulting in a rubbery dough. Mix the dough properly according to the instruction in the cookie recipe you’ve chosen. Do not mix the dough for too long or too strongly, as the cookies will be less crunchy.


Carefully cut cookies on a cookie sheet to maintain the shape during baking. Make sure the baking temperature is as instructed. Cookie recipe generally includes an instruction to bake cookies in a low temperature and for a long time. The cake will be firm and crunchy once cooled. You can improvise by adding Prochiz cheese or raisins to enhance the flavor.


Once the cookies are cooled, store them in an airtight container. Do not put cookies in the container while still hot, as the cookies will easily become stale and moldy. Cookie recipes are not difficult, but there are certain things that you need to be mindful of to achieve the perfect cookies.


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Happy experimenting!

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