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The Tale of Cheese Banana in the Archipelago

The Tale of Cheese Banana in the Archipelago

Banana is a type of fruit that can be made into various dishes. From kolak, banana chips, banana fritters, to the also popular cheese banana. Cheese banana is a variation of the widely known banana fritter. Banana fritter itself comes in two varieties, i.e., bananas that dipped in flour batter and fried, and bananas that are peeled and directly fried.

Pisang merupakan salah satu jenis buah yang dapat diolah menjadi berbagai hidangan. Mulai dari kolak, aneka keripik, gorengan pisang, hingga yang tidak kalah populer yaitu pisang keju. Pisang keju sebenarnya bentuk pengembangan dari pisang goreng yang telah ada sebelumnya. Pisang goreng sendiri terdapat dua jenis, yakni pisang yang digoreng dan berbalut tepung, dan pisang yang dikupas digoreng begitu saja tanpa dibalut dengan tepung.

Banana fritter was first introduced by the Portuguese, who had a habit to eat bananas as breakfast. The habit was introduced to Southeast Asia when the Portuguese conquered Indonesia. They added flour batter to peeled bananas and fried them. The habit spread to Indonesian people, and remains popular until now. 


As the culinary world evolves, banana fritters are served in many varieties. One variety serves banana fritter with shredded cheese and is popularly known as cheese banana. Cheese banana is fried banana served with various toppings such as cheese, chocolate, condensed milk, and chopped peanuts.


Cheese banana itself comes in two varieties, with or without flour batter. There are also two varieties of cooking methods, i.e. fried or grilled. Although the cooking method varies, cheese banana always consists of a banana-based dished with shredded cheese topping.


The varieties that are suitable for frying or grilling are uli,tanduk, kepok, and nangka bananas. These type of bananas have naturally sweet flavor and are not to soft, so they wont’s break apart when fried or grilled.


Banana is easily available and affordable. It is no wonder that you can easily find seller of cheese banana everywhere. A lot of people also make their own cheese banana at home, as the recipe is relatively simple.


In addition to its delicious taste, cheese banana is also good for your body. Banana has high content of vitamins, calorie, potassium, carbohydrate, and others. Whereas the milk and cheese used as topping also contain high protein, calcium, and others. In addition, banana is also good for the skin.


Cheese banana itself has experienced many changes. Today, crispy cheese banana has become popular. In general, crispy cheese banana is not different than banana fritters. Crispy cheese banana uses another ingredients, i.e., bread crumbs. Once fried, crispy banana has a coarse but crunchy texture. To sum up, crispy banana uses two different types of flour.


It is served just like regular cheese banana. You can add shredded cheese, chocolate, and condensed milk.

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