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Choosing Quality Cheese

Choosing Quality Cheese

Before buying cheese in the market, take a look at the tips to choose quality cheese.

According to Greek mythology, cheese was an important food fro the Greeks. The Greeds believed that cheese could make their officers stronger and improved vitality. Cheese has become an all-time favorite that we can easily buy at supermarkets or traditional markets. However, sometimes we cannot tell whether the cheese sold in the market is in good conditions. In this opportunity, we will not discuss the types of cheese but how to choose good quality cheese.


Below are several tips to observe before buying cheese at supermarkets/traditional markets:


  • Choose cheese that suits your needs

Cheese was initially processed products made of goat or sheep milk. However, today, cheese may be made of various cow’s milk, resulting a rich variety of cheese in the market, from cheddar cheese, parmesan cheese, mozzarella cheese, brie cheese, camembert cheese, edam cheese, manchego cheese, gorgonzola cheese, stilton cheese, gruyere cheese, emmenthal cheese, and ricotta cheese. Choose the right cheese according to your need, whether to create scrumptious pasta dishes or to be used as toppings for sandwiches/burgers.


  • Good quality cheese has yellow color, but not dark yellow

Good quality cheese generally has yellow color, sometimes approaching dark yellow. It is important to check whether there are any trace of black color in the cheese. Any black pattern or stain may indicate mold contamination. Cheese is highly susceptible to mold if not stored properly.


  • Good quality cheese generally has a nice aroma. If you find cheese with unpleasant or pungent smell, avoid buying them.

Other than the texture, good quality cheese does not have unpleasant smell, or sometimes has a distinct milk aroma. However, if cheese begins to have rancid aroma, you can be certain that the cheese has gone bad.


  • Check the cheese texture and if there is any mold on its sides

Good quality cheese can be identified from its texture, i.e. elastic when pressed. However, it is not a guarantee whether the cheese is still safe for consumption. It can be used as one of the ways to determine whether the cheese has a good quality.


  • Do not store cheese too much. Buy as needed. Cheese that is not properly stored will easily become moldy.


  • Check the expiry date before buying

The last tip to choose good quality cheese is by checking the expiry date on the packaging. Good manufacturer will always state the expiry date of the cheese products they manufactures. It will provide consumer with clear information about how long it is still safe to consume the cheese that they buy.


Those are several tips on how to choose good quality cheese. We hope you found this article usefule.


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