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The Divine Taste of Cheddar Cheese on Tuile

The Divine Taste of Cheddar Cheese on Tuile

Tuile is a type of baked wafer originating from France. Tuile generally comes in thin, crisp, circle shape with sweet or savory taste. Tuile is commonly made of flour, but it can also made of cheddar cheese cookie. Tuile is often served as a complement of main course. Tuile is a French word that means tile. It is named so because once bake, Tuile has a tile-liked curved shape with distinct aroma.

Tuile is generally served as a garnish for desserts like pannacotta. Tuile is also commonly used as edible ‘spoon’ together with ice cream or sherbet. Tuile is often used to create a variety of dishes by adding cheddar cheese, vegetables and meat as toppings.


Cheddar cheese is used as topping or garnish for tuile. However, cheddar cheese can also be added into the tuile dough to add a savory flavor. Cheddar cheese used as topping or garnish not only add a nice look to tuile. It also adds more nutritions. You don’t have to worry when your children eat the tuile you created. Because as you add vegetables, meat, and cheddar cheese, your children will also get more nutritions.


Tuile can be serve in every occasion. You can serve the tuile you created in a birthday party or other parties, dinner party, or simply as snacks. Tuile is also delicious with cheddar cheese. You can use blocked or sliced cheddar cheese to enrich the flavor and improve the look of your tuile. In general, blocked cheese is a better option given its firmer and thicker texture. But if you want to achieve a milder and softer taste, simply use sliced cheese.


Tuile with cheddar cheese, especially ones served with meat and vegetable, contains nutritions with high vitamin, calcium, and mineral contents. Cheddar cheese in your tuile also balances the saltiness of meat, the crunchiness and strong taste of onion, spiciness of pepper and chilli, and the savory flavor of cheddar cheese with the crispiness of tuile. Tempted to try?

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