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Festive Eid al Fitr Cookie Recipes

Festive Eid al Fitr Cookie Recipes

Cookie was a dish introduced by the Dutch. The dish’s name comes from the Dutch word “keokje”. It becam popular in the United States, and in the 19th Century, the English added cookies in the afternoon tea menu.

In Indonesia, cookies have existed since the Dutch colonial era, as they occupied Indonesia for a very long time, or approximately 350 years. After such a long period, many Dutch cultures were adopted by Indonesians, both intentionally and unintentionally. This includes Eid al Fitr cookies.


Eid al Fitr or Lebaran is one of the most anticipated moments by Indonesians. Eid al Fitr represents a symbol of achievements made during the fasting month, and it also offers culinary delights that are most awaited. This includes Eid al Fitr cookies. Recipes for Eid al Fitr or Lebaran cookies are everywhere and can be easily learned. As a result, cookies have become a staple snack that are always available at every house during Eid al Fitr, in addition to opor, ketupat, and other dishes that are the characteristics of Eid al Fitr.


In anticipating Eid al Fitr, women are generally busy to prepare various cookie recipes . One of the concern is whether the lebaran cookies will last long enough until Eid al Fitr. Recipes for Lebaran cookies generally have firm and crunchy texture, making it long-lasting even when made one month ahead


Use quality ingredients to keep your lebaran cookies long lasting. Never use sub-standard ingredients. Good quality ingredients are indeed more expensive. However, the use of good quality ingredients will also produce good quality cookies.


To maintain quality and ensure your lebaran cookies are long lasting, you also have to carefully consier the packaging. Use clear jar to keep the cookies from moisture. In addition, make sure to use airtight container to store the lebaran cookies. Otherwise, the cookies will easily become stale.


Lebaran cookies recipes have many variations, from savory to sweet cookies. When you visit a bakery, you will find abundant variety and creations of Lebaran cookies. Although many sellers offer Lebaran cookies, many people prefer to make their own Lebaran cookies. Therefore, the quality and taste of the cookies can be maintained.


By making your own cookies, you can become even more creative, whether in terms of ingredients, tastes, and shapes. Don’t worry that making cookies would be difficult. Today, many Lebaran cookies recipes are available from many sources. So, make sure your Eid al Fitr celebration with family is complete with Lebaran cookies.


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