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Types Of Wheat Flour You Must Know

Types Of Wheat Flour You Must Know

Wheat flour is one of the most used ingredients in cake recipes in magazines, recipe books, and cooking websites. Besides cakes, the basic material to make wheat flour are also used in various types of foods such as noodles, bread, pasta, and fried foods. Speaking of wheat flour, it is very closely related to gluten which is a type of protein contained in wheat, ordinary wheat, and barley.

Gluten has the characteristic of being spongy and elastic, besides it is not soluble in water. Because wheat flour is made from wheat, it will naturally contain gluten. The higher the protein content in wheat flour, the higher the gluten content so that the resulting cake recipe dough is also more chewy.

What are the various types of wheat flour that are suitable for baking recipes? What are the differences and uses? Here’s the following explanation:

High Protein Flour
High protein wheat flour is a type of wheat flour which has the highest protein content, which is around 12% to 15% and has the highest gluten content as well so that it has a high and elastic water absorption, and is easy to grind. This type of flour is well suited for making doughs in cake recipes that require a high level of elasticity and suppleness. Processed foods usually expand, such as bread, donuts, and others.

The weakness of this flour is that it cannot last long so that the processed food can quickly expire. In addition, do not use this type of flour to make cookies because it will make the results become springy and tough.

Medium Protein Flour
This type of flour has a protein content, which is around 8% to 11%, usually known as multipurpose flour because of its flexible usage. This flour is perfect for making dough for soft, but quite fluffy cake recipes, such as soggy cakes, cakes, waffles, and others. However, because its use can be flexible, this flour is also suitable for making various fried foods.

Low Protein Flour
Of the various types of wheat flour, this type has the lowest protein content, which is around 6 to 10% and has the lowest gluten content as well. This type of flour is very suitable for making dough for cake recipes that do not require a rubbery and elastic texture, such as cookies, biscuits, and cookies because it can make it crispy. The advantages of this type of flour are more durable and not easy to mold. Therefore, the reason why Eid cookies don't expire for up to 6 months.

Thus the explanation of the various types of wheat flour, differences, and uses. Hopefully you will no longer use the same flour to make bread, cake, pastries, etc. Well, for inspiration cakes that can be made by you, Prochiz Lovers, can be seen in the Prochiz cake recipe.

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