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One Sweet Martabak Recipe with Various Flavors

One Sweet Martabak Recipe with Various Flavors

Martabak or muttabaq in Arabic, means “folded”, in accordance with the cooking process that involves folding. The recipe, name, and ingredients vary greatly, depending on where the martabak originated from. Sweet martabak recipe is clearly different than the savory martabak or egg martabak, although both carry the sama nama, i.e., “martabak”. The base of sweet martabak is made of flour, butter, sugar, vanilla, coconut milk, eggs, and baking soda.

It is said that martabak originated from Yemen, and was brought to Southeast Asia, and Indonesia, by the Tamil traders. Martabak or mutabbaq in Arabic ( مطبق‎‎), is a savory or sweet dish that falls under the category of stuffed pancakes. Martabak can be found in many countries such as Saudi Arabia (particularly in Tihamah and Hejaz areas), Yemen, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunai Darussalam, Thailand, and of course, Indonesia.

The filling or topping of sweet martabak in Southeast Asia comes in great variety. Sweet martabak recipe in Indonesia often uses roasted ground peanuts, chocolate sprinkles, cheese, condensed milk, to bananas, sticky rice, and shredded coconut for topping or filling. The toppings used in sweet martabak – or is also popularly known as the full moon cake- continues to evolve over time, with more and more innovations.

Nowadays, many sellers have their own signature sweet martabak recipes, which include almond or cashew nuts, green tea matcha, cream cheese, butterscotch, Oreo, Toblerone, Kitkat, and Nutella for the toppings. The sellers with innovative sweet martabak recipes usually sell high-end or exclusive products. Sellers with innovative sweet martabak recipes not only experiment with the filling or topping.

Many sellers also create signature sweet martabak recipes by experimenting the base or pancake by substituting the flour with black glutinous rice flour, or adding green coloring and pandan paste, to red coloring and strawberry paste, creating colorful dishes. Nonetheless, these innovations do not deter the lovers of traditional sweet martabak recipes that are simple yet heavenly.

As it turns out, sweet martabak, which in may places are known as Kue Bangka or Kue Bandung, has been patented in Malaysia as heritage food under the name “Apam Balik”. However, the dish similar to pancake made by cooking the batter on a round iron pan with sweet toppings is known with many names, not only “sweet martabak” or “apam balik”. The pancake we know as “sweet martabak” is also known with many other names from Dai Gau Min, Hok Lo Pan, Kap Biang, Ban Jian Kuih, Chin Loong Pau, Min Chiang Kueh, Apam Pulau Pinang, Kuih Haji, to Kue Terang Bulan. Once pancake with many names that is also rich with many flavors. Attempted to try?

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