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Mini Martabak - Mini but Mighty

Mini Martabak – Mini but Mighty

Before the existence of mini martabak, we should learn about the origin of martabak. Martabak generally consists of two variants, savory (or egg martabak) and sweet martabak. Both have different tastes and textures. Savory martabak has savory taste and is made of egg and chicken or beef, wrapped with flour and fried. Whereas sweet martabak (Hok Lo Pan) is made of flour and slathered with butter and sprinkled with chocolate, cheese, or peanut. Along the way, more varieties of taste and shape of sweet martabak began to emerge. Today, many sweet martabaks are sold at smaller size, or what is popularly known as mini martabak. In Bandung, martabak is popularly known as martabak terang bulan or full moon martabak due to its round shape that is similar to the moon.

In general, mini martabak is not that different from ordinary sweet martabak. It differs only in size and the tools required to prepare it. Texture wise, mini martabak is very smooth and soft, and comes in many flavors. Mini martabak quickly captured the attention of culinary enthusiasts. Given its small size, you don’t need to cut them. In addition, it tends to be less expensive than ordinary sweet martabak.


Making mini martabak is also very easy. In terms of tool, you only need to by a special pan, i.e. in iron skillet that is smaller than the pan used to make ordinary sweet martabak.


The steps to make mini martabak is similar to ordinary sweet martabak. Sweet martabak is made of flour. The flour mixture is poured into the round pan. The pan is heated on the stove at medium heat. Once the batter begin to harden, add various toppings such as cheese, chocolate, peanuts, etc.


The pan to make mini martabak usually contains several molds. As a result, you can make several portions in one go, unlike the pan for ordinary sweet martabak which can only accommodate one portion per pan.


Mini martabak has become more popular due to its affordability and variety of flavors. Lately, toppings for mini martabak have more varieties. The more modern variety offers major brand chocolates. Not only the topping, the batter itself can be varied using several flavors, such as green tea, or chocolate. Mini martabak can become an alternative for martabak lovers who are tired of the ordinary sweet martabak.

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