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Knowing the Wholesome Mayonnaise Closer

Knowing the Wholesome Mayonnaise Closer

Who hasn’t heard about mayonnaise? It is a very popular ingredient for various dishes. Mayonnaise is a sauce made from vegetable oil, eggs, and vinegar. Mayonnaise is typically used to add flavor to dishes such as salad or sandwiches. In several countries, mayonnaise is on the most common sauces to add flavor to food.

In general, mayonnaise is made by beating the main ingredients, i.e. egg whites that are combined with vegetable oil and other ingredients. The tools to beat mayonnaise vary from hand mixer, food processor, or blender. It can also be whipped manually using a whisk or fork.


Mayonnaise is not only limited to products that are sold freely like Prochiz Mayonnaise. Anyone can easily make it. The ingredients are easily available. On the other hand, homemade mayonnaise generally perish easily.


Mayonnaise has different tastes and colors, depending on the method and ingredients used. For example, in France, mayonnaise is made with mustard mix. While in Spain or Italy, olive oil is added to the ingredients. Therefore, the color may also be different, some are white while others are creamy yellow. Even so, the textures are generally similar, i.e., thick and soft like pasta.


As a result of its rich flavor, mayonnaise is often found in various dishes in many countries. This creamy and delicious sauce is often used in sandwiches, kebabs, burgers, various pasta, pizza, salad, french fries, and other dishes. In Indonesia, mayonnaise is has become common since European and Japanese cuisines became popular.


Although it is tasty, mayonnaise has a very high fat content. The fat content of homemade mayonnaise can reach up to 85%. It is not far different from the fat content in commercially produced mayonnaise, i.e., approximately 70-80%. Although it has a high fat content, mayonnaise is often mixed with vegetables and fruits as a diet menu that is considered fairly effective.


Nonetheless, mayonnaise, which is made of eggs and vegetables, contains a lot of beneficial nutritions. It contains vitamin A, C, and D, high protein content, and amino acids, which are important for the body. Every 100 grams of mayonnaise contains vitamin A that is good for the eye. In addition, it is also rich with calcium and vitamin D, which are very good for the bones.


Mayonnaise also contains potassium that is useful to lower the risk of kidney stones. With so many beneficial contents, mayonnaise is one of the popular flavorings. Nevertheless, remember to consume mayonnaise at a healthy dose and avoid overconsumption.

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