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Five Magical Toppings for your Cheese Martabak

Five Magical Toppings for your Cheese Martabak

After a long day at work, we often crave for snacks that are easy to get. Cheese martabak is the easiest choice. Other than widely available, buying a box of cheese sweet martabak will not hurt your pocket. It must not be your first time buying and eating cheese martabak, right? You must be really familiar with it, and can easily guess whatsweet martabak tastes like.

You may be bored with cheese martabak. While buying martabak creations with high-end tastes flavors such as matcha, Toblerone, or Nutella may not be economical. Sometimes, you might also feel lazy to go out and buy them because of the distance and the traffic. Worry not, you can easily transform your cheese martabak using the five toppings listed below.


1. Vanilla Ice Cream

Cheese martabak undoubtedly use cheese and milk as topping. To give it more zest, try to add vanilla ice cream as a topping for your cheese martabak. The cold, melting ice cream will seep into the pores and slices of martabak. The sweet and tasteful flavor of ice cream vanilla will mix nicely with the warm, melted cheese. You will be carried away by the deliciousness of your magical martabak. Moreover, it is easy to obtain vanilla ice cream. Your martabak street vendor may even operate right in front of the store where you buy ice cream.


2. Maple Syrup and Fresh Strawberry

Cheese martabak is basically a folded pancake with cheese filling. So, there will be no harm in going back to the original flavor of pancake by adding maple syrup and fresh strawberry slices. Getting maple syrup is also easy nowadays. Many ready to use maple syrup brands are available in the market. If it’s difficult to find it, you can replace maple syrup with honey. Your cheese martabak will no longer be as it used to be.


3. Butterscotch Caramel Sauce

You can improve the look and taste of your cheese martabak using butterscotch caramel sauce. Butterscotch caramel sauce is tasteful and easy to make. Cook some brown sugar in a non-stick pan at low heat until caramelized. Add a spoon of butter into the caramel. Once the caramel and butter are mixed well, slowly pour in liquid cream – or liquid full cream milk. After achieving the right consistency, turn off the heat. Drizzle the sauce on top your martabak, and the magical flavor of butterscotch caramel sauce will bring wonders to your cheese martabak.


4. Whipped Cream and Cherries

For this trick, all you have to do is buy canned whipped cream spray and some cherries from the nearest baking supply store. Anything would be tempting with a touch of whipped cream and cherries, wouldn’t it? Especially your cheese martabak. 


5. Frozen Yoghurt

Frozen yoghurt is becoming more popular among people who love good taste yet still would like to maintain their weight. The combination of sweet cheese martabak and cold and sour frozen yoghurt will create a nice balance. The sourness of yoghurt will balance the milky and savory taste of cheese, and the sweetnes of martabak. It’s a healthy and tasty trick!

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