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Cheese Sago Cookie Recipe for the Holidays

Cheese Sago Cookie Recipe for the Holidays

Sago is a starch extracted from the spongy centre or pith of the sago tree. Sago generally comes from the sago tree, but some sago comes from pam trees. Metroxylon sago is the major staple for the lowland poeple of Eastern Indonesia, such as Maluku and Papua.

In some part of Eastern Indonesia, Sago is known by other names, such as saksak and rabia. We must be proud as the largest supply of sago in the world originates from Indonesia. We can access various sago recipe in Indonesia, among others cheese sago cookie recipe.


In the Indonesian Malay custom, cheese sago cookies is the most popular one. Cheese sago cookies are generally served during major holidays such as Eid al Fitr or Christmas. It feels incomplete to celebrate holidays without cheese sago cookies. It is not hard to find sago cookie recipes. You can obtain the recipe from cookbooks or the Internet.


It is also relatively simple to make, but also has many variations and innovations. Many moms add scent of spices or adding more cheese. These creations will make your sago cheese cookies more tempting.


In addition to sago, the most important ingredient in a cheese sago cookie is the cheese itself. The success is determined by the quality and taste of the cheese you choose. Cheese with high water content will erase the ‘savory’ and ‘crunchy’ sensation of cheese sago cookies.


Prochiz provides a wide range of high quality cheeses that are suitable to be used in your cheese sago cookie recipe. Your cheese sago cookie recipe will have a more distinct flavor when you use high quality cheese. Prochiz presents a wide range of cheese varieties with better taste and guaranteed quality, making it suitable for all kinds of cookies, including cheese sago cookies. Are you ready with your cheese sago cookie recipe of choice to welcome the holiday?

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