PT.Mulia Boga Raya is strongly committed to producing high quality and nutritional foods for household as well as foodservice and industrial customers. Prochiz cheddar cheese is one of our leading portfolio products and it is now widely used by households as well as foodservice and industrial customers. In addition to Prochiz, PT. Mulia Boga Raya is also entrusted by PT. Fonterra Brand Indonesia to produce its processed cheddar cheese under the company’s Anchor brand.

Apa yang menjadi komitmen PT.Mulia Boga Raya?


PT.Mulia Boga Raya memiliki komitmen dalam memasarkan produk bernutrisi dengan kualitas terbaik untuk masyarakat Indonesia.


Apapun yang kita lakukan, kita harus mencoba memberikan yang terbaik dan tetap bersandar pada-Nya.

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